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From this filtered image two binary maps were constructed by applying a manually arnesi threshold (0

Particle detection

Particle candidates were identified by treating each processed frame with per Laplacian of Gaussian filter that matched the size of the PSFs durante our mass photometry setups (Supplementary Fig. 16). 0011 for all datazione except the giorno sopra Extended Datazione Figs. 2, 3, 8 and Supplementary Figs. 3 and 13, for which the threshold was serie preciso 0.0014), and applying per local maximum filter. The pixels that passed the threshold map and were also local maxima were used as coordinates for particle candidates. For each pair of candidate coordinates, verso 13 ? 13 pixel region of interest was constructed with the candidate pixel at the center, and this region of interest was passed through our PSF-fitting procedure sicuro quantify particle contrast and location. If verso particle candidate was too close preciso an edge of the field of view to construct verso 13 ? 13 region of interest, that is, within 6 pixels of an edge, it was discarded.